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A number of years ago I purchased an old Winchester 1892 which has been a wall decoration in my loading room along with a number of other older pieces.  With age and consideration of moving to a smaller place, I've become interested in what may be the history of this piece.  The serial number on the receiver is 597149.  The caliber is 44 WCF.  The only other markings or on the left side of the barrel directly under 44 WCF and are four small letter that are not ledgeable followed by ALEX VA and do not appear to have been placed by Winchester.  The lever and firing functions all work but not safe to fire.  This 92 has had a long and hard life but not necessarily abused.  The barrel has a fairly large bulge which may have ended its working life.  Any information or guesses appreciated.

I'm not home so I can't help on the year, but at least I can tell you that 44WCF is usually referred to as the .44-40 today [you probably already knew this]. If you can find a used barrel, the bolt face is the same for the 44-40 and .38-40, so you could look for a donor barrel form either from Numrich, etc.


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Based on your description of the only markings on the Rifle, what you have is an imported Replica 1892.  Not an actual "Winchester."  I know at one time there was an Importer operating out of Alexandria Virginia but I just can't remember the Name.  Sorry I can't offer more.

PS;  PLUS ONE for The Deacon.  Once you identify the thread and pitch for the barrel, re-barreling could well return it to serviceable condition.


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The Importer you speak of was International Arms Corporation (Interarms)
 The gun a Rossi M92 or the Spanish “El Tigre” Winchester 92 Copy.
Interarms, a one time or another handled both.

Unless it was a Winchester that had been rebarreled in the past with a Rossi or El Tigre barrel (I don't know if that can even be done).  That s/n would have put it at 1911. 


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