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saw a show last nite on public tv about Sam Colt and the beginning of Colt's Manufacturing and the history of Hartford CT....It was very impressive that Colt's Manufacturing was the premier manufacturing company in the US and possibly the world placing Hartford Ct as the center for the manufacturing hub..

Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
How the mighty have fallen.

Rev. Chase

Major 2:
I attribute to Union demands, Greed, hostile State Legislation...
  ad in declining quality 70's 80's & mid 90's, suspect business practices & management.

I think CZ has brought Colt back from the gloom & Chapter 11 bankruptcy.


Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Major 2 pretty much nailed it. The conglomerate owners used the military contracts as a cash cow, never reinvesting. The new(ish) factory in West Hartford CT seems to have a fuller parking lot since CZ took over. I hope that is a good sign.

I guess we now have to figure out how to pronounce "Czolt".

Rev. Chase

Major 2:
Well, we swallowed Jap-chester & and were fed tea & crumpets and wore tweed with S&W's for while too.

Marlins became Rem-Marlins and now Rug-Marlins, Dan Wesson is under the CZ banner too.

Heck, Chrysler belongs to Fiat, Toyotas in Nascar, Cambells Soup is made in China.


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