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Aftermarket for Miroku 92?

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Doc Holloman:
I recently picked up a Winchester Miroku 92 in .38-40 with an octagon barrel.   Love the gun but would like to make a couple of "improvements.).  It has a semi buckhorn rear sight and a plain blade front.  Would like to replace them with a rear notch, and a white  bead front.    The only replacement sights I can find are for the Rossi or for an original Winchester.  Does anyone know if either will fit the Miroku?

Also, the magazine spring is rather stiff,  and requires a lot of effort to load the last couple of rounds.  Rather than cut the factory spring, I would like to get an aftermarket spring and experiment cutting it down gradually.  Again, will a spring for the Rossi or original winchester work in the Miroku?

Finally the rifle has a tang mounted safety.  It there anything difficult about disabling it?  I accidentally flipped it on a couple of times last time I shot it.

Thanks in advance.


Buckaroo Lou:
Marbles makes a beaded front sight. All the Miroku rifles I have seen come with a semi buckhorn rear sight and a gold beaded front sight.

I would think an original magazine tube spring would work but not absolutely certain.


I don't know about disabling the tang safety.

Somebody in this topic mentions that his Mirokus have a .393" dovetail, although that is 1873 models:

And this discussion on Miroku '92's says 3/8" :


Doc Holloman:
And I wonder if the dovetail is different for an Octagon barrel.

Mine has the semi buckhorn, which I don't like.  Want to swap it for a flat top v-notch.  That is what I have on my  Uberti '73 in .38-40.   It oes have a gold bead on the front sight but it is so tiny I cant see it.  My 73 has a larger white one, which again is what I would prefer.

Buckaroo Lou:
There is a chart on the Marbles link I provided that shows the bead comes in two different sizes and in either gold or ivory and various heights and widths. They also have several different rear sights one being flat with v notch.


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