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A friend has a WW Greener Shotgun, SN 32352, built in May of 1889 for E.S.S.; Chicago Illinois.  Anybody out there have any idea on who ESS was, or how I can research it further?

Greener probably still has the records of the order, and may be able to put a name with the initials. 

Dave T:
What a great piece of history from right in the middle of the Western settlement era.  If he wants to sell it you should make him an offer.  I would if I was younger and he was my neighbor.  (smile)



Greener no longer supplies information on past individual orders/ purchases.  That was my first idea.  If I could figure out how to send pictures from phones to this site, I'd post some picture for ya'll.

There are some historic discussion groups on the web that specialize in Chicago, posting on one of those may help     Other thought is looking to see if you can find scans of a Chicago based newspaper online.  Advertisements may be your best bet.   This kind of research can be a bit tedious, but can pay off.     Another thought is contacting the Chicago Historical Society.    Good luck.   Would love to see pictures of the Greener.


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