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Why no 1895 thread?

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If this is in the wrong spot, I apologize. But, there are three threads dedicated to the Winchester lever guns. The 1895 has been left out!  I recently had a chance to inspect one of these and I'm hooked. My son acquired a 1895 SRC from a co-worker in 30-06. It has some minor issues, but it is pretty sweet. The saddle ring is missing but the bale is intact. Easy replacement. Now, I have to have one.  The recent Oaks, Pa gun show was a disappointment. Very few old guns. So, how about a 1895 Winchester thread?!

Major 2:
Fine gun, I have a Browning in 30-06. More than likely as it is not a SASS caliber is why it is absent.

Then again its fine for the era pre-1898 and are used in musters of the Grand Army of the Frontier.

My Browning and my Grandfather with his circa 1901

Buckaroo Lou:
Probably because this is a site dedicated to cowboy action shooting and the firearms associated with those organizations. I am certainly not familiar with all the rules and regulations to the different cowboy action shooting organizations, but I don't recall any of them using the Winchester 1895. It was a late comer that appeared in the late 19th century around the turn of the century, and all of them were chambered for smokeless cartridges. Most of the early production rifles were produced for military use. There is also no threads dedicated to the 1894 probably for the same reason. 


We use '94's and '95's in our local cowboy shoots.  The '95 figured prominently in at least one actual gunfight, and was heavily used by both the Arizona and Texas Rangers.  I'm all for having a page on them!

That makes sense.  I did the cowboy action for many years until I lost interest.  My first years there was a member in one club I found using an original Spencer carbine in 56-50! The 1895 could be used in a clubs side match as well as the 1894. I just have to find one now. The search is on.


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