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what knife is this

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Buckaroo Lou:
The sheath makes the knife look as though it could be a dagger style knife, but not practical for his attire, so I am inclined to think a Sheffield style Bowie knife. Perhaps something along the lines of this style of knife.


Jake MacReedy:

Definitely a Sheffield-produced Bowie, with probably a 4 1/2" handle and a 6" blade, which is a clip-point.  If you look carefully at the center seam sheath, you can see it is a right-handed sheath for a clip=point blade.


 :) Well Now  ;)

Our Hero is shown with an 1873 Rifle, A double action Colt thunderer and a swell knife and cool spurs.  Also a really flash leather shirt.

What kind of knife it may be, I haven't a clue.   ;D


Major 2:
The print is interesting, it is a studio cabinet card print...
more that likely studio props.   

Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Howdy Photo Historians,

I have to differ with the opinions so far. I blew the photo up and I think the knife in the photo is actually a dagger. The sheath seems too narrow for a bowie. It also looks pretty symmetrical to me. Further the handle looks to widen as it approaches the guard, possibly designed for thrusting.

For What it's worth,

Rev. Chase


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