2004 Convention

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Will Ketchum:
Montana Slim mentioned the convention on another thread.

I thought I should give it it's own thread.

I'll be packing the van tomorrow so we can leave by 8:00 am, Friday.

I'll give a report as to what occurred.

Hope to see some of you there.

Will Ketchum

St. George:
I may be on my way to Stuttgart over the weekend.
I think I'd rather be in Waterloo.
We'll see.

Scouts Out!

Will Ketchum:
St. George, what's happening in Stuttgart?  Is that Stuttgart in Germany?

Will Ketchum


Will Pluggum:
You have a great trip, Will.  Be safe but have some fun! ;D ;D ;D

Will Ketchum:
Thanks Mr. Pluggum, I'll try! ;D

Will Ketchum


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