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Made a Quiver and Arrow

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Hey all, I posted a pic in the leather section, but thought I would add more here.  This is a native inspired quiver I made for a friend to give to her father for Christmas.  I added the arrow as I always wanted to make one.   The leather is some tanned deerskin I picked up at some point, wit rabbit fur at the top.  The conchos are made from missouri mussel shells and the whole thing was stiched with buffalo leg sinew.  This was the difficult part.  I bashed using a 2x4 and an ax handle.  I bashed it until it started to separate and turn white, at which point I soaked it to separate into individual fibers.  I stiched using a saddle stitch while still wet.  I didn't pull the thread tight as it shrank when dried.  I used the same sinew with a little hide glue to set the flint tip in the arrow.  I still need work on my fletching, at least in splitting the feather and getting the spacing correct.  A another pair of hands would have been handy, but it was just me this weekend. 

Prof. Bullspit:
Nice work. I've done some flint knapping and I've fletched a bunch of arrows but I've never made a stone tipped arrow. I'm sure that the recipient will appreciate the work you did!

Steel Horse Bailey:
Very nice!  Perhaps Ottowa Creek Bill (a native Odawa) will see this and comment - I know he does knapping and other related things.  I think Singing Bear is also part American Indian and does these things, too.


Wymore Wrangler:
Very nice work pardner... ;D

GunClick Rick:
Love it! Wished i had one!


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