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Do not reply to PMs using your email software!

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Marshal, I tried sending a PM but don't know if it went, as it will not say if it was sent. Don't know why people won't put their emails up like myself and others do so we can talk to each other. How do you know if it was sent or he received it?
Thanks again Marshal.

Marshal Halloway:
You should be able to see your PM in your sent folder. Note that some people are reluctant when it comes to making their email visible or shared on a web site even if it is only visible to logged in members. I'll send Fox Creek a note that you're trying to reach out to him.

Thanks again Marshal for letting him know about me trying to get in touch, my email is in my profile. I did not see it in my sent messages.


I know everyone likes to do their own thing, and that's fine, but for people like Fox Creek Kid and Major 2 who always have good advice and information with almost a 1000 posts between them, but are afraid to post their email address is had to understand. I like to talk to people, be like I said to each his own.
Thanks again Marshal Holloway,

Major 2:
One of the nice things about email & PM's is that you choose Whom you may wish to respond too....

Mr. RENO is not on my list.... I had dealings with him ( as had Fox Creek Kid though different circumstances ) I have nothing to say or offer RENO  :-X

EDIT: To clarify (  as had Fox Creek Kid though different circumstances  )  I had dealings with Fox Creek Kid though different circumstances (happy dealings ! )


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