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Two Flints:
Hello Spencer Owner,

Need information on your original or reproduction Spencer Rifle or Carbine?  Please visit my Spencer Shooting Society Forum at this link:

or send me a PM.

Two Flints
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Spencer Shooting Society

Hello, the name is Texas, i have quite an interest in Civil war period firearms.
 I have a M 1865 rifle that was used in the Fenian wars in 1866 in the battle of Ridgeway. i also have a extra breach block that i had my chum make into centerfire. a few weeks back i shot my first whitetail buck with it at 52 yards.
 I also have a carbine and it slugs out at about 525 dia. and was looking for some lead for it or a mold to make some so i can try it out. anyone with some info drop me a line back. perhaps its a 56-52 or just uses a larger diameter bullet, when i shoot my regular 56-50 .512 dia. bullets thru it they tumble 3 outa 5 times at 25 yards. Thanks Texas.


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