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Caleb Hobbs:
Hello, All:

When I contacted Marshal Holloway about getting the American Plainsmen Society its own board a couple of years ago, it was only with the intention of seeing if there was enough interest to form a legitimate organization. Obviously, the interest is there. We’re closing in on seventy members right now, and will be holding our first official Plainsmen Encampment in Kansas next month.

I tried to be up front from the beginning about not wanting to be a long-term leader. I knew my work would be increasing soon, and thankfully, it did. But while that’s great news for me, it isn’t helping our organization. Right now I’m working days and most evenings, and I don’t see that easing off for several years. In the meantime, we need a leader who can be more active on the board than I’ve been in recent months. So after waffling back and forth about this, I asked Tsalagidave if he would take over the reins of the American Plainsmen Society. Fortunately, he said yes.

Dave has been an active contributor on this board for quite a while. He’s well versed on our period, and shares the same goals as the rest of us -- an organization a step (or several) above your typical rendezvous, representing the 1840 to 1865 time frame.

I’ll continue to be a moderator, but as of tonight, Dave Rodgers has the reins. I’ll be shifting most of my information over to him in the coming days, and I’m sure he’ll be on here soon to outline what he has in mind.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know many of you, and I have no intention of dropping out. I just feel the American Plainsmen Society has a lot of potential, and it deserves someone who can take it on to the next level.


Members of the board, I look forward to doing my part in continuing as Caleb has in done to  make this site a strong resource for the valuable research, discussion and friendship that makes this hobby worthwhile.

For those who don’t know me, I have 24 years in the hobby as a living historian, entertainer, shooter, trekker and hunter.  I share Calebs views on where we should take this group along with the fun and camaraderie that comes with it.

To the new member figuring us out, we are quite different from the mainstream SASS /CAS scene. SASS members and other Cowboy Action Shooters have costuming guidelines that cover a wide scope from “themed” and “Hollywood Westerns” to the “Authentic” outfits.  I personally think that SASS in general does a great service in promoting the culture of American gun ownership as well as the American West itself which is cherished and idealized worldwide. Our group also upholds these values but is more focused in pursuing historic accuracy to the period we represent.

 Our goal is to uphold a standard of authenticity that is credible enough to present in a classroom as “a good example of how it was”. Some of us are into pushing the authenticity to replicate a bygone era as accurately as physically possible. Others go for the correct look but are not as  detail-obsessed. Either way, I am interested in being a part of helping you enjoy this hobby as well as bring in others to continue this hobby’s existence. There are a few things I was discussing with Caleb that I’d like to see our group focus on:

•   Regional camaraderie- we should seriously consider creating a means of allowing our members to connect with others within their local geography for the purpose of going to events or even honing their outdoor skills together at their own leisure. Forming small groups or messes is a good way to establish a better sense of belonging in a hobby.
•   New gear for newbies- Many of us have good second-hand gear that we are willing to part with at an affordable price for someone starting out. (That’s how I started and I still do it from time to time.)  We can make it available to those who would like to participate but are starting out on a tight budget. We should also develop a mentoring thread that answers the proverbial “dumb” questions that we all have or at least had when starting out.
•   Trail tips- I recommend that we keep a thread open to give helpful advice in regards to homesteading, campaigning and shooting. Along with the tips, we can cite historical documentation regarding its period application. Anytime I have tried this in the past on other sites, everyone came away learning more than they shared.

The people on this site are the proverbial “salt of the earth” types that I enjoy spending time with and I look forward to the many discussions and events yet to come. This is a great site and it is with great expectation that we can play a role in helping people rediscover the rugged individualism of America's dynamic frontier past.

I can't wait to meet you all.

Best regards.

David “Tsalagidave” Rodgers.

Jake MacReedy:
Congratulations, Dave!  I look forward to working with you with regards to our fine organization.  As well, I look forward to working with you on our somewhat "irregular" newsletter! LOL!

Best Regards,
Jake,aka Ron Clark
Paige, Texas


Likewise Jake. I will be corresponding with Caleb to ensure that I have what  I need in order to do the task. I've been a bit busy with work and other personal stuff that needed to be taken care of.

I am trying to get out this weekend to fire off a few rounds and take some notes on a few pieces that I have not logged much shooting time on yet.


Jake MacReedy:
Sounds good, Dave!  Maybe you can take a few photos and write up a small review on some of your "pieces" and I can incorporate then into the next newsletter.



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