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Firearms -- Approved and Disapproved List


Caleb Hobbs:
The American Plainsmen Society
Weapons Authenticity Rules

These rules will lay down a set a parameters for the individual to choose a weapon or sets of weapons to fit his or her character and exact time period in the 1840-1865 period covered by TAPS.  Any weapon should be able to be documented as used during the period.

Members will have one full year from their date of joining to put together their outfit.

Members who do not intend to participate in shooting matches and/or period encampments are not required to own a period correct outfit. We welcome anyone wishing to further the knowledge of the 1840 to 1865 time frame. Shooting matches and period encampments are only part of our goals.

Approved List:

Rifles/Muskets/Trade Guns:  Any original or correct reproduction of a rifle, musket, or trade gun originally produced post 1803.  

Metallic Cartridge Rifles:  1860 Henry Reproduction in calibers 44 or larger.

Spencer Rifles and Carbines original or reproduction: Original caliber converted to center fire only i.e. no 45 S&W or 44 Russian.

Pistols:  Any original or correct reproduction pistol originally produced post 1803.

Revolvers:  Any original or reproduction produced 1836-1865 i.e. Colt Patterson, Walker, Dragoon, Navy and Pocket Pistols.  Remington Army, Navy, New Army, and New Navy.  S&W #1 or #1 ½.  Reproduction Confederate brass framed Navy’s of 36 cal only.  Pepper Boxes as long as they conform to the basic style of original production.

Disapproved List:

Rifles:  Any of the so called Hawken Rifles by TC, Dixie, Traditions, Lyman Trade/Deerstalker Rifle, et al.

Any modern in line muzzle loader.

Dixie Remington Revolving Carbine

Pistols/Revolvers:  Rogers and Spencer, All brass frame Remington’s, Brass framed Colt Navy in 44 cal., Carlton Under hammer match pistol, Guardian Derringer, Remington Ryder Derringer,
Dixie Wyatt Earp Revolver, Hoppe's pepperbox

Ammunition:  Black powder or Pyrodex only.  No smokeless powders or moderns black powder substitutes made to simulate smokeless velocities.

Lead projectiles only.

Only bullets correct to the original types of rifle. For instance, round balls only (no modern sabots, etc.) in Hawken style rifles.

Sights:  Traditional open sights only.

Holsters, shooting bags, ramrods, powder horns/flasks, etc.:   All accoutermints must be correct to the period and the firearm. No plastic modern loading tubes, etc.

Just keep in mind that we are trying to be as historically correct as possible, while acknowledging that we live in the 21st century. If you have any questions, please ask. We'll work with anyone who is serious about getting it right, but we won't have much patience with anyone trying to skirt the rules. Thank you.


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