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Cuts Crooked:

There have been some minor violations of the policy as set out for The Dark Arts. Until now I have overlooked them as they were minor. However the buck stops here! In the future any attempt to start new threads here will result in deletion of that thread. If you have information concerning things that could end up in here please put them in the Den first. Then the information will be examined and a descision made concerning putting that thread/information into the Dark Arts area.

While I love BS sessions on black powder subjects, I'm trying to keep this area free of that so that information can be easy to find for anyone visiting the board. Let's keep that in The Den please. Now, read the stuff below and please abide by it.

Thanx Pards

Howdy fellow Darksiders
After several requests for dealing with much valued threads, to save them for posterity, I asked the Marshal if we could have a child board to save some of these really great informational threads. He said, "Sure!", and "The Dark Arts" was created. It's intended to serve as a library of sorts. No new threads will be put in here unless I get requests or I personally perceive that a thread is extremely valuable, but you will be permitted to add to threads that are already there. Informational threads started elsewhere will probably end up in here! I hope this will become a valued resource for all of who practice "The Dark Arts"  

A huge "THANX" goes to the Marshal for giving us this area that has the potential to be the most important source for Darksider infomation extant! HUZZA, HUZZA, HUZZA for The Marshal!

Dick Dastardly:
A very sincere Thank You Marshall.  And an equally sincere thank you to Cuts.  We need a place to put our reference stuff for easy and repeated access.  Let's face it, there's learnin' goin' on every day.  Much of it will get lost if we don't have a place for it to wait for others that need it.

Many days I work hard to find an answer to a Black Powder problem or question.  Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I find an answer.  It may have been found before, but I never knew it.  This way, we can keep our learnin' available so I don't have to do so much head bangin' to get my favorite sport enjoyed.

I'll come back here real often.



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