Author Topic: PLEASE READ FIRST!!! SAFETY WARNING: Reloading data  (Read 14192 times)

Joss House

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« on: January 22, 2006, 05:11:26 PM »
Safety reminder..............

For the sake of everyone that reads here, when it involves smokeless powder, please be specific in identifying your loads so that it doesn't get misinterpreted and someone loads the wrong powder.

Thanks!  Joss

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Re: SAFETY WARNING: Reloading data
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2006, 07:54:58 PM »

What Joss said is VERY important. These brass framed Henry's just can't handle "super-nasty-evil-above-spec-warthog" or "bunker-buster" loads.

Keep'em light and safe and you will enjoy your rifle a good long time.
For the sake of safety, only post CAS loads here, and if they venture out of spec for what the powder manufacturers list, your post will be deleted!!!

You have been warned...this is NOT an armor piercing ammunition forum.

Here is loading data for everyone to start with along with the link to the manufacturers website where it was originated.
(FYI: Hodgdon/IMR has been really helpful in making sure safe loads are developed for us CAS shooters)

For Hodgdon, start here...

For IMR, here is the Trail Boss data... (pistol caliber)

For Alliant powders, here is the link to their CAS loads...

For GOEX BP and substitutes...

Factory Ammunition:

Black Hills



CCI TrailBlazer  <<<---this is where I get mine locally...

GOEX BlackDawg Cartridges

Hornady Cowboy Ammo

(I will add more to the list as it become appropriate...)

For those wondering, I use a nice light load of 5.5gr of Trail Boss and a 200gr soft lead RNFP bullet using the Lee .429 mould for 44-40.
This is the starting load for 44-40 and has worked well.


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