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Schofields and APP

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Dave T:

I've posted my experience before but I'll run through it again for folks who never read my older musings. I have one of the S&W 2000 Schofields which also lack the correct cylinder bushing. And for the record, this really ticks me off after S&W's hype about how "authentic" their Schofield repro was supposed to be.

My sample, which according to the first owner had only fired light, mouse phart cowboy loads of smokeless, completely froze solid after four rounds of 45 S&Ws loaded with 27g of OE FFg behind 200g Big Lube bullets, cast of 1-20 alloy and lubed with SPG. When I say "froze" I mean I could not cock the hammer or advance the cylinder, even trying to simultaneously turn the cylinder with my left hand.

I had some Hodgdon Black M-Z on hand and tried the same volume of that substitute BP with the same Big Lube bullets. I got through 25 rounds without having to do anything but reload. In full disclosure I should say the last cylinder full (5 rounds) was getting harder to advance by just cocking the hammer but I managed without a boost from my weak hand.

Because I'm kind of disgusted with the whole thing I don't shoot the S&W 2000 much so I still have a bit of the Black M-Z left. I'm told it was just a re-branded APP product so if I am able to keep shooting (getting old and broken stinks) I will replace the discontinued Black M-Z with APP.


Dave FYI, Shooter's World Multi-Black is also made by APP, and some of the big outfits carry it so you can tack a bottle or two onto a powder or primer order if you are already paying a hazmat.  APP seems to only be available by mail order and there is a minimum order.  I think.

And Mako, I think Pinnacle was also made by APP.


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