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I think I have identified the problem…

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Y’all are bored! (I hope not boring...)

Just as is needed for a good story, you’re missing several elements on this board:

* Conflict (not necessarily bad)
* A  protagonist
* A dilemma!
* A build to a climax
* And finally an outcome (or perhaps more conflict!)  we can make it a multiple volume series.  Maybe like the Serials I used to look forward to at the theater every Saturday!I don’t know how many books I downloaded the last two years (I had a limited access) and then deleted them after a few chapters because they had none of those elements.  You get desperate when away from home and cutoff, but even I have standards.  Nothing worse than a predictable nambie pambie story… I was thinking about that just today since i can download directly from Amazon once again.  You don't know fortunate we are ( I realize it more every year).

Well, in the land of the dead, a zombie can run amok.

I invite you to join me, or oppose me (either fits the requirements).



 :) MAKO  ;)

Dam'd good to see you back in CASCity.  You been missed Bub !!

Crow Choker:
Yep, that's what this forum needs, steps 1-4, maybe one, maybe two of em, probably all four.  ;D


Okay, I'll start it off!
I don't really believe Coffinmaker uses Black Powder, he's shootin' Mouse fart .32 loads out of Ubertis and Taurus Gauchos!

Hair Trigger Jim:
That's the spirit!   ;D ;D ;D


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