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It's pretty dead in here...Maybe it's time for some zombies.

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Just setting here, waiting on better weather to arrive. 4 NEW targets are built, just waiting to be broken in, and I have 200 rounds of 44-40 loaded with the good stuff, and also some 45 colts with similar loads. The wind has been so strong lately that ALL of the black smoke would blow away before I have a chance to really appreciate it.

Dave T:
I'm getting so old and broken it hurts to reload, shoot, then clean the guns and brass. No one wants to hear about that. And because of all that crap I'm not shooting my BP cartridge guns much if at all. So, nothing to post but hot wind, which I've done enough of over the years I've been here.

Suspect there are quite a few in the same leaky boat (canoe) as myself,

My shooting has slowed down because of parents buying kids atvs and the new outdoor lifestyle marketing. They can venture deeper into the american desert than i ever got and around every corner is a group of 5 to 10 people mag dumping an AR. The animals have left and its just not the woods bumming playground its always been for me.


Kent Shootwell:
I found this site after starting shooting CAS a while. I got into the sport to enjoy the Wild West fantasy that began in childhood. As we got into it I added spurs, chaps, pocket watch and such. Guns and leather stayed true to my idea of cowboys of old and gunfights that you had to win. It wasn’t long before the sport changed to light springs, short strokes and cartridges that made less sound than some of my body functions! The targets got larger and closer and boring. The romance was gone but the interest in it remains. This site had a lot of information about the guns and accessories with a bit of history. Mako’s posts added a lot of data along with some others. I was never interested in competition for the sake of competition, it was the old western fantasy that holds my heart.

Howdy Mako, long time no see!  I think all the reasons you mentioned are part of it.  I'm still shooting almost every weekend.  With the closer and bigger targets, it is a different kind of fun, but still fun for me.  I went from shooting mostly BP to more smokeless than BP, but now that my mom has passed and I will have some more time, I'll be shooting the smoky stuff more often.

There seems to be plenty of components now, except for percussion caps.  Seems the type that fits everybody's custom nipples are not available.  Doesn't bother me, though, I'm a cartridge guy.  Dick Dastardly seems to have retired his biglube mold business, and Springfield Slim retired from casting them, but there's a guy - I forget his alias - on the SASS Wire who has started casting some of those.  My longest barrels are 20" so I don't really need the additional lube.

There are a number of new people shooting in the BP categories these days, but the big majority of them are using APP, for a number of reasons.  Because it is so easy, with any bullets, they do not have to do the research on loading components and techniques, and don't really care about the historical aspects (I'm speaking in generalities here), so not much to discuss really.

Hey, I don't think you ever saw these videos from 2008(?).  When I started putting videos on youtube a couple years ago, starting with some converted from vhs, I sent you a message through this site, but don't know if you ever got it.  Cap'n'ball gunfighter, gotta respect that!


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