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WTB: Cut down Trapdoor Springfield Stock


Gentlemen, I'm looking for a cut down Long Wrist Trapdoor Springfield stock.  Let me know what you have!

That's the one!

Hair Trigger Jim:
Yup...and the bot or scammer lifted the picture from (2nd picture on page).

And of course it didn't occur to him that you were asking for a cut down stock, not a complete rifle.


Snake Oil:
That was interesting... so that was a BOT. I wondered why there was a full rifle on an ask for a cut down stock... seemed tragic to lose a complete stock.

Yes, to be clear, I just want a cut down stock, NOT a complete rifle.  And I would NEVER cut down a full length stock.  I did once cut down a full length .50-70 once since the last nine inches was absolute sewer pipe.  Still haven't figured out how that happened.  The rest of the bore was nice.  By the way, it WAS a nice picture of a long wrist stock.


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