Trying to decide wich peep sight to get


Hi all
I’ve mentioned I got a new Cimarron 1873 Short rifle. There was a prob with the first rifle I got, and Cimarron is replacing the rifle, I’m just waiting for the new rifle to come in. I have 72 yr old eyes and they don’t get along well with buckhorn sights. On my other rifles I have a Marbles tang sight on my Henry Golden boy, Skinner reciever mount peep sights on my Henry Big Boy, and 1894 Marlin, and on my Miroku Winchester 92 I have a Skinner barrel mounted peep sight that goes in place of the stock buckhorn sight. They all work very well, but I’m undecided as weather to get another Skinner barrel mounted peep sight like the one on my Miroku, or get a Marbles tang sight for the Cimarron 1873 short rifle. To my way of thinking, the tang sight is more period correct, and will give me a longer sight radius. But it will be more expensive for both the sight, and my gunsmiths installation. The Skinner barrel mounted sight on my Miroku works very good. although the sight radius is shorter, but it’s half the cost of the Marbles tang sight that would have to be installed by my gunsmith vs the Skinner that I can install myself!
So any recommendations and or opinions would be greatly appriciated.


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Usage is going to play in just a bit.  If the Rifle is for CAS/SASS, a barrel mounted peep is not allowed.  If not for CAS/SASS, who cares??

My opine runs to the barrel mounted Skinner (super fine products).  On a rifle, the difference in sight radius is academic.  Comes down to "Put the front sight on target"

As a retired gunplumber, I was never opposed to separating one from their money although if a customer could save a bundle of money by simple DIY > > > > also I am not a fan of Tang mounted sights.  They "get in the way."

Reverend P. Babcock Chase:
Howdy Gundog,

I can't speak to barrel mounted peep sights. I believe for CAS receiver mounted sights are not allowed. Barrel mounted peeps, I don't know. The tang sight, in addition to providing a longer sight radius also can deliver some optical benefit depending in the diameter of the peep aperture.

I have tang sights on all my long range rifles. I started with a tang sight on my main match rifle, but found that it was slower to sight with for CAS distances. I'm 77 with cataracts and still use the standard barrel mounted sight for CAS.

I hope that provides some incite,

Rev. Chase


I think of a Buckhorn sight as an aperture sight that is placed further out on the barrel.  I use a Buckhorn sight as an aperture sight, centering the front bead in there aperture for shooting.  See (pun intended) what happens if you set and use your buckhorn with that mindset.   For me it has been the best solution, and I've tried flat sights, semi-buckhorns.  Full Buckhorn, aperture sights!


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