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Bolt & trigger spring for Uberti 3rd model dragoon

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Can someone tell me if anyone makes a wire replacement bolt spring for the Uberti 3rd model Dragoon revolver? I ordered several for the '61 Navy, '60 Army, and SAA, but the dragoon spring is much bigger. Thanks, Sandlapper   

I've never heard of one.  But it shouldn't be too hard to make one from the proper wire spring stock.  A lot of gunsmiths do this.

Would the factory leaf spring benefit from the tempering process listed elsewhere on this site( immersing in in motor oil and burning off), or do they come tempered sufficiently from Uberti? Thanks, Sandlapper


45 Dragoon:
  If you're looking for a "lighter " action feel, you  should thin (from the sides) the bolt side of the spring. That side influences the feel more than the trigger side. You don't want to lighten the trigger side to make a dangerous situation  ( for you and / or others). You might even start by cutting the area between the springs to the screw hole.  Typically it's the bolt side that needs lightening the most, you only need about 4lbs pressure for the bolt ( pretty easy to push the bolt down with finger. Check a Ruger for the "feel"). Don't leave any scratches, sand them smooth.



 :) PLUS ONE for Dragoon!!

Lightning gonna strike - again!!  Frankly, "tempering" a spring is kind of a Dark Art.  It is very very hard to get it right and super easy to get it wrong.  Most folks have to fail numerous times to learn the correct temperature and quench for a specific spring.  What works fine for one spring, won't for another.  What you will wind up with, 7 out of 9 tries is just a funny looking piece of flat steel, not a spring.


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