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Brass extravaganza! Shotgun, rifle, and pistol!

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Hair Trigger Jim:
I added some .250 Savage brass.

And here are the pictures of the rifle brass (except the .257 Roberts and the .30-30), including the .38-40 and .44-40.

Uncle Green:
All the 44-40, if still available.

Ill take the 44-40 if it is still available


I think I have sent a private message

Hair Trigger Jim:

--- Quote from: Uncle Green on January 05, 2024, 12:48:59 PM ---All the 44-40, if still available.

--- End quote ---

Uncle Green, you replied first, so it's yours.  I sent you a message.

--- Quote from: cwiseman on January 05, 2024, 03:17:52 PM ---Ill take the 44-40 if it is still available

--- End quote ---

Cwiseman, Uncle Green replied first, so he gets what's listed here.  I have several hundred, but I was planning to keep the rest for myself.  However, I read your posts and it looks like you've been trying to find .44-40 brass for a while.  I'll see if I can spare any more, and then I'll respond through PM later this weekend.


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