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Brass extravaganza! Shotgun, rifle, and pistol!

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Hair Trigger Jim:
It’s time again to sell some of my surplus stuff!  Not milsurp, but stuff I’m not using.  Some of this is for guns I still shoot, but I’m not shooting them enough to use it up!

Shipping is a flat $10 for one item or all. 

If you’re in Nebraska and want to skip shipping, I can probably meet you near the Norfolk-Columbus stretch of Highway 81, or I'm in the Aurora area from time to time.  Otherwise, shipping is $10.

Some of this is listed elsewhere and is subject to prior sale.

Payment can be USPS money order, GunTab escrow, personal check at my discretion from regular forum members, or another mutually agreeable method.  If you use GunTab, I will cover all fees including the credit card fee.  Obviously cash is fine if we meet in person.

I can take additional pictures of specific items upon request.

Some of this is new and so indicated; the rest is mostly unknown times fired.  Some of it has been tumbled and some has not.

All prices are plus $10 shipping for one or all.


NEW old stock 12 gauge Magtech brass Berdan shells – 25 count - $25
This is older brass with the older BERDAN primer style, not boxer; some people convert shells like these to use a 209 primer.  I am pretty sure these are unused, but I did buy them secondhand.

I also have 100 each 11 gauge pre-conditioned wads, over powder wads, and over shot wads.  If you buy the brass, you can have them all for another $5.


.25 ACP – 138 pieces total ($35 for all)
100 NEW Jagemann (headstamp JAG) in sealed package - $30
38 pieces of fired brass of which 27 are primed and 11 fired (headstamps W-W, Frontier, and maybe others) - $5
Or take all 138 for $35
I also have several hundred bullets for .25 ACP as well as Lee dies.

.32 S&W Long – 50 Aguila fired nickel-plated brass - $5

.38 Long Colt – 200 NEW Starline - $40 per 100 or $80 for all
I have 200 left, new old stock in Midway boxes.

.38 Short Colt – 400 NEW Starline - $30 per 100 or $100 for all 400

.38 Super – 68 pieces total (45 of them primed) - $6
There are 35 primed R-P; one primed Super-X 38 Auto; 9 PMC primed brass; 22 Peters; and one W-W Super 38 Auto.  All but the nine PMC are nickel-plated.

.38-40 W.C.F. – see Rifle Brass below :)

.44 Russian – 352 NEW Starline - $50 per 100 or $150 for all

.44 Special – 205 fired brass - $30
Mixed headstamps, unknown age, not cleaned, some pieces look a little old, but that’s what tumblers are for!

.44-40 W.C.F. – see Rifle Brass below (even though I only own this in a revolver).  :)

.45 Schofield – 100 pieces left of NEW Hornady brass - $60
100 pieces NEW nickel-plated Starline - $60
I also have Lee dies available.


.222 Rem – 48 pieces – W-W Super and R-P and maybe more - $12

.224 Weatherby Magnum brass – I think it’s all Weatherby brand – 52 pieces - $50

.250 Savage – 17 pieces old R-P - $10

.257 Roberts – I have a bunch of old brass that I need to clean up and cull through sometime – price will be $1 each – let me know if interested – there are 20 pieces marked .257 Roberts +P if that interests you.

.25 caliber rifle bullets are gone.

6.5x50 Carcano PPU – 20 brass, 19 of which are primed – I bought it from somebody that way.  $15 for the 20 pieces.

7mm Remington Magnum – several dozen (more than in the picture), easily 100+, various headstamps – 60 cents each.

.30 Rem AR – Remington brand – 49 pieces - $49
I don’t see this much these days, so I have no idea what it’s worth.   I’m offering it for $1 each.  One time I looked for prior sales on GunBroker and didn’t see any, so it must be hard to come by?

.30-30 brass – probably a few hundred with various headstamps – three to a dollar – let me know if you’re interested and I can get you a count

.300 Win Mag brass – 60 pieces – 60 cents each, or $35 for all 60
20 pieces of W-W Super, 23 R-P, and 17 F-C for a total of 60.

8mm Mauser – NEW 100 pieces PPU factory annealed in sealed bag - $75

.325 WSM – Winchester brand – 23 pieces - $23

.375 Win – 32 pieces reformed mostly from .30-30 - $8
One of these is actually .375 Winchester brass; one was reformed from .32 Special brass; and 30 of them were reformed from various brands of .30-30 brass.  Lengths range from approximately 1.950 to 2.025.  $8 if you think you can make use of them.

.38-40 W.C.F. – 100 NEW Winchester brass and 15 fired Winchester brass - $100
These Winchester-headstamped cases are pretty scarce right now, but if you want them for $100, be my huckleberry.  I paid a lot for them but I haven't used them yet.
I also have Lee dies available.

.44-40 W.C.F. – 300 pieces total ($150 for all)
Impact 3-D – 80 pieces - $40
R-P 100 pieces - $50
R-P 120 pieces - $60
The R-P headstamps all say the same thing, but the stamping is a little bit different on some, so I expect they’re not all the same age.  I am not sorting them by stamping style, but you’re welcome to.  :)

I would like to purchase all of the 44 Russian brass.
Thank you,
Chas B

Sent you a P.M.
Chas B


Hair Trigger Jim:
It's been a busy week!  I finally got around to taking a few pictures of the brass.  Here are the shotgun and pistol brass available:

Hair Trigger Jim:
I will post pictures of the rifle brass tomorrow.


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