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Buckaroo Lou:
After watching the movie “The Patriot” I really began wanting a tomahawk, so I started looking for a custom tomahawk. Well, I found them and like most custom work the price was more than I could afford at the time. So, like the time I wanted a custom Bowie and couldn’t afford it I learned to make them. Since I didn’t have a place where I could have a forge, I decided I would try customizing the commercial tomahawks that were available at the time to make them look custom or what I thought was better. Those being produced at the time were drop forged from 1055 carbon steel. A good steel for making tomahawks as they were easily sharpened and held a good edge. Here are some of my more recent projects I have completed.

The first is a customized faux pipe bowl tomahawk made by Cold Steel. Since the pipe bowl is solid and not for smoking it is a hammer pole tomahawk. The second is a customized spontoon tomahawk also made by Cold Steel and the third is a customized trail hawk, again made by Cold Steel.     

Buckaroo Lou:
It would not let me post the photos of the trail hawk in the original post so here they are.


 :) WAY KOOL!!  :D


Black River Smith:
Nice touches.

Buckaroo Lou:
Here is my modified Cold Steel Frontier hawk. Just finished it today.


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