List of cowboy gear and clothing stores


Iron City Sage:
I have a few shops locally that carry clothes and gear. I also travel a lot for work, and love finding shops that carry period clothing. I looked but didn’t see anything, is there a list of stores (actual brick and mortar stores, not just online please!) that I can hit when on the road?

Specifically right now, we will be in Sacramento, Reno/Lake Tahoe area next week. Hoping to find a place to get some shopping in. But also nationwide, never know where I may be! Thanks,

Iron City Sage

Russ T Chambers:
There is D bar M western store in Reno on 4th st.  They have hats, boots western clothing, saddles, and other stuff.  I’ve not been in there in a while so I’m not sure what their stock is like right now.  Most of my business has been boots and hat cleaning and shaping.

Then there is Virginia City there a couple of clothing shops up there.

I’m not certain about period attire, as my wife makes almost all of my period clothing.


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