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Rare Pair Of Winchester 1886 SRCs



I bought a Winchester 1886 SRC 45-70 several years ago and never really shot it much, so I decided to sell it. To get an idea of its value, I looked on the internet to see what the value would be for a fair price. While I was investigating the prices, I found another 1886 that was one serial number below mine. I contacted him to see if he would be interested in buying mine and have a consecutive serial numbered pair.

He wasn't interested in doing that and suggested I buy his. After some time and deliberation, I found these guns had the same pedigree and history with the Hawaiin Civil Guard in the 1890's. Both lettered the same with the same shipping back to Winchester for whatever reason.

I have researched the guns and have found some real interesting history of these guns. They have been reunited after 130 years of separation...


Dave T:
Excellent Sir, just excellent.  Thanks for posting this fascinating story.



 :) Oh Way KOOL  ;)

I'm not an aficionado of the '86.  I'm not a collector of anything accept Starbucks "I was there" coffee mugs.  However:

Those two '86s with near duplicate history would be very hard to skip over.  I had an acquaintance whom had bought a consecutive pair of Browning (Miroku) '86s and when he was showing the off, and I cycled one lever, I thought he was going to have a fit of apoplexy!!  Snatched the rifle back and acted as if I had just devalued it buy 90%.  Hell, I'da taken both out and got em real sooty.

Anyway Shrapnel, Those are a real cool pair of rifles.  Well done good sir!!


Coal Creek Griff:
WOW! (That applies to your other 1886 post too.) :o

I doubt that you'll get tired of acquiring amazing firearms, but I certainly hope that you don't get tired of showing them off to us. I'll never have a collection like yours, but I can absolutely enjoy seeing what you have. Thanks again!


Cool beans man.


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