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I just picked up a beautiful rifle with a whole bunch of special order features…

Rifle1/2 octagon barrel


1 pound extra heavy.

Set trigger

1/2 magazine 5 cartridges

checked stock pistol grip

shotgun butt

oil finish.

Sling and swivel

oval silver name plate in fore-arm 1″ long

Length of stock 14″,

Lyman wind gauge, set screw in front sight

no rear sight seat.

It is in excellent original condition with a bright bore. I got a box of ammunition with it, loaded with jacketed bullets, from Buffalo Arms. I think I will pull the bullets and reload them with cast bullets…

I say again cool beans man! Is that a 22" barrel?


--- Quote from: Roosterman on May 18, 2023, 09:06:20 AM ---I say again cool beans man! Is that a 22" barrel?

--- End quote ---

Yes, it is a 22 inch barrel…


[what a great rifle and with all those special features I’m envious, we don’t see the likes of those here in the U K these days. Hope it gives you as much pleasure on the range where they need to be to fully enjoy them!

Took it out shooting the other day…


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