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Added a really nice one and now I have a trio.

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Buckaroo Lou:
Went to a gun show this weekend in Sweetwater, Texas. It is the same time every year and usually the best in this area. There are always plenty of “old west” stuff, my favorite. Well, as you would know it I spied this Winchester new model 1886 that I just couldn’t stop thinking about. There was a pretty good crowd of folks there so I made one complete round so I could see mostly everything to see if there was anything I liked better than the 1886 I had seen. Didn’t see anything that really gripped my fancy like the 86 did so I went back to where it was. I asked the owner what his out the door price was and he quoted me a price $200 less than what he had it marked so I counted it out and handed it to him. We shook hands and sealed the deal and now it is enjoying a space next to my other two 1886’s. 😊

I can not find this rifle catalogued anywhere. It is a new Miroku made Winchester 1886 Deluxe T/D Rifle with half octagon half round barrel in 45-70 with what looks like a German silver or nickel plated forearm nose cap and crescent butt plate. Any help with identifying who the distributer is/was would be greatly appreciated.

King Medallion:
That's got some beautiful wood on it! Congrats!


 :) Buckaroo  ;)

What an incredibly SWELL FIND!!  Itsa really gorgeous rifle.  The furniture just makes it POP!!


Dave T:
My taste generally runs to plane-Jane working guns.  That being said no one who likes the guns of the Old West, and particularly lever action Winchesters, could help but admire and marvel at the beauty of that rifle's wood and what appears to be just a beautiful rifle over all.  Congratulations!


Nice looking gun.


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