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19th Century Knife Sheaths


I've got my butcher knife, but what kind of sheath should I use?  I'm assuming the modern strap with a snap was not in play.

Professor Marvel:
What sheath?

It all depends on your time, place, and persona.

“In general” I can recommend a flat fold-over pancake like this, with or without tacks….

A later style might be this

Earlier styles like these are also appropriate, mostly

Hi Dale
I know you have kids going to college so you don't need money.  This book is helpful:


If you decide to learn beading, I may still have some stuff.  Beading was so easy to learn, I learnt to carve leather....   ;D

Tacks are a LOT easier.



Graveyard Jack:
I know what kind I like, rawhide!

Or one that somebody else beaded. ;)

Found this knife at the flea market. All it needed was some stain, tung oil and a rawhide wrap.

This one I made from a new Green River blade and a deer leg bone.


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