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I just got one of my dream rifles. This one is a modern clone of the classic Winchester model 1886 lever in 45-70. I have been on a wait list for the Miroku Winchester 1886 for over two years. When I found out that there is no production date in the foreseeable future from Winchester, I decided to take the plunge on a Taylor’s & Company (read:hotrodded) Pedersoli 1886.

Thanks to a buddy of mine at a local gun store….he had two of these! So I proceeded to head out to see him for their gun show a week or so ago with the plan to choose one of the two that he had.

When I got it home, I cleaned it up, lubed, and treated the wood. It has the color case hardened finish. Words just can’t do this justice. Neither can my pictures…you really need to see this in person. The wood is incredible too, with a bit of tiger stripe on the butt.

This has the 26” round 1:18” barrel. The magazine holds 8 of the big torpedo rounds. And you can chamber one as well to give you 9 rounds on board.

So I immediately went about rolling up some rounds to try it out. I thought that using the same load as my old Marlin 1895 bear bust’n shorty would suffice. With 350gr flat nose full copper plated bullets over 49gr of IMR4198 with CCI BR2 primers. (I may try some black powder heavy cast loads in the future with this, I haven't yet decided.)

So out I went on Thursday (yes, I took the day off work) to try it out.

My first impressions were pretty good. The first ten shots were point of aim at 109 yards. The buckhorn style sights are dead-on! Banging away on all the steel, especially the small 8” gong, was sure fun! The loading gate is nothing like my Rossi .44mag. The Pedersoli is smooth like butter! Loading is a pleasure with this.

I decided to move over and try it out at longer range. I was popp’n away at 219 yards with regularity. Sad but true, but this might just be more accurate then my single shot Sharps 1874. But then again, it’s probably me and getting used to the sights on the Sharps. But this 1886 is a whole lot of fun! Yes it’s heavy. What do you expect with that action, the heavy wood, and that 26” barrel? (That weight helps quite a bit with recoil.) But once you get the hang of it…you can’t have more fun with your clothes on.

I shot a 103 rounds from the 1886 and, another 50 from my single shot Sharps. That’s a whole lot of 45-70 in one outing. And my shoulder was pretty sore on Friday. I am so glad I took the plunge on this. But I had to hide it from my Wife (successfully, I might add). And I really had other things financially that I needed to look after, but I don’t regret it.

Buckaroo Lou:
That is a terrific looking rifle, and a very good write up about your first experience with it. I hope you have many years of more shooting pleasure. I love those big bore 1886 rifles. Actually, I love just about any lever action rifle.  ;D

I'm not familiar with the Miroku '86 but am going to guess it has some "safety" features on it.  I'd prefer the Pedersoli for that reason, as well as the fact that everything they make is usually excellent.  The Chiappa is nice as well, no safety, but the Pedersoli barrel is likely the best.


Coal Creek Griff:
Excellent write-up (with PICTURES)!  Congratulations!

I bought a Miroku 1886 in 2005 and it's a great rifle, but Abilene is correct: it has a rebounding hammer and tang safety (not to mention a coil mainspring).  The hammer and safety bother my sense of aesthetics as well as making it harder to mount a tang sight.  You made a very good choice.

If you're like me, when you feel the sore shoulder, you smile because you know how you got it.  I like that kind of soreness...


I got a Chiappa 1886 a couple years ago - the CCH finish not as showy as the Pedersoli but I like it better - good dark, heavy wood. Took some work to get it running but a  good solid piece - particularly like that they copied original specs  including no lawyer nonsense . 


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