Main Match Revolver and why

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Silver Creek Slim:
My main match SASS pistols are SS Ruger Bisley Vaqueros in .45 Colt. I like the gripframe and lower hammer better than the Vaqueros.

My main match NCOWS pistols are Navy Arms 1875 Remingtons in .44-40. I like the looks of them, and the way they feel and point in my hand.


USFA - What else for me??

Because, IMHO, it is the best made gun out there. The best material is used and their machining processes are second to none.

Missouri Marshal:
RUGERS!  Price, quality, reliability, safety.  By far the most reliable, rugged pistol made reguardless of price bar none.


Ubertis.  Wouldn't recommend them to a new shooter or someone who can't work on them or repair them on their own.

For me, I don't need a better revolver for the game.  They fit my hand.  I like the variety of barrel lengths and grip frames.  As long as I'm going to be shooting clones, I'd rather be beating up cheaper ones rather than the more expensive models.  I tend to get kindah rough every now and again.


Stump Water:
Ruger Vaqueros.  Original.   

The Wells-Fargo box of handguns. 

Not required to half-cock to load, which is a very important consideration for shooters with little or no experience with SA handguns.

I already had a new model Blackhawk so I knew the feel. 


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