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Cohea/Burrows collection

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--- Quote from: CraigC on September 05, 2022, 12:53:53 PM ---...99% sure it's a copper nugget. I think he said he really wanted to use that piece of walrus tusk but there was a big hole in it. That was how he incorporated it into the design.

--- End quote ---

Kinda gives new meaning to Waste Not, Want Not.  :)

Graveyard Jack:
To whoever that was that saw this thread and sent me a PM, an email and a message on Etsy, I responded to your email and on Etsy.

Buckaroo Lou:
All I know to say is WOW! Crazy awesome!


St. George:
I've got a couple of Chuck's knife/sheath combinations - one beaded, the other studded - along with a set of carved cuffs, a set of spur leathers with a Mexican 5-Peso concho, and a beded Strike-A-Light pouch with iron striker.

There was supposed to be a pair of SAA holsters and one for an M1911, but he passed before he could do them.

We talked right up until the end, and I miss him.

Vaya con Dios, Acaso.

Scouts Out!


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