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Graveyard Jack:
I don't think I've posted these here. These are the knives and sheaths of John Cohea and Chuck Burrows I've managed to accumulate. Sadly, both fine gentlemen are no longer with us. I was lucky enough to procure all of Cohea's work while he was still with us and got to know him well enough that he contacted me when he wanted to part with his WRTC stuff. All of Chuck's stuff came after his passing. It is an honor and a privilege to own the works of these fine craftsmen and I'm happy to have known them while they were still here. I hope they're together at the big rendezvous in the sky. :)

My wife was actually the one who found Cohea's work and got me this warhawk one Christmas.

Then came this bowie.

This lovely little drop point.

Then a huge bowie and a group pic.

Then this one, which is one of my favorites. I love the broken walrus tusk handle.

The latest is this big S-guard bowie donated by one of his customers to raise funds for medical bills. I was happy to give it a new home.

Graveyard Jack:
Chuck Burrows was a  huge influence on me and my getting into leatherwork. The Chuck Burrows collection started with this knife sheath from forum member Kid Terico. I was thrilled to finally have a sample of Chuck's beadwork. The knife is one of several from ML Knives.

This one also came from KT.

Later came this dagger and sheath.

Somehow I found this sheath on Ebay. I knew it was Chuck's work as soon as I saw it. It's a smaller version of the top sheath above. It's the closest to a duplicate I know of in Chuck's body of work.

When this knife and sheath came to John's fundraiser, he called gave me first dibs on it. It is an absolutely stunning example of Chuck's work!

From John's personal collection was this "strike-a-light" pouch and beaded holster.

Graveyard Jack:
The works of both men have heavily influenced mine.


Not bad.  Don't you have any shiny new stuff?   ;D

What is that stone (?) inset into the first bowie grip above?

Graveyard Jack:
Somewhere but I prefer old and crappy looking. :D

99% sure it's a copper nugget. I think he said he really wanted to use that piece of walrus tusk but there was a big hole in it. That was how he incorporated it into the design.


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