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Need Gunsmith Recommendation for Colt Lightning Rifle


I have an original Colt Lightning rifle in 32 WCF. The lifter doesn’t lift and something is keeping the loading gate from fully opening. The piece that holds the cartridges in the magazine tube doesn’t move either. Anyone know a great antique smith, preferably close to Iowa that can work n these?

How about Lassiter (Tom's Single Action Shop)?  He's in Ohio, which is a kind of far drive (not so much if you're from Texas).  He is topnotch with many guns, but certainly lightnings.  Great shooter as well, and the combo of talents let him win a national championship with a Taurus Thunderbolt.

Runn & Iron is in south central Nebraska, a little closer.  Don't know about lightnings but they have a good reputation in general.

It has been a year since I asked, but I finally was able to drop the Lightening off with Lassiter, in Ohio.  We were going to Harrisburg, PA for the Great American Outdoor Show, so I called him the morning we were going through Dayton to ask if I could bring it by. He is very busy, but I’m not in a hurry. He was also very gracious to let me stop by and drop off the rifle.  He was able to point out a couple of things he saw wrong immediately, like a frozen firing pin.  He also showed me his original Colt Lightening in 38-40, that is his competition rifle right now. Wow, was that a smooth runner.  Also showed me a customer’s Taurus Lightening that he rebarreled to 44 Special.  I gotta love that.  I’m very thankful for the time he took and information he shared with me.



--- Quote from: 44caliberkid on February 13, 2024, 01:48:07 PM ---... He is very busy, but I’m not in a hurry. He was also very gracious to let me stop by and drop off the rifle....

--- End quote ---

Well, it's pretty obvious you are in no hurry since it was not one but two years ago that you first asked about it (time flies, eh?).  ;D   But I'm sure you will be quite pleased with his work.  Give us a report when you get it back.

Duh, it has been two years. We travel a lot and I was waiting for a trip going east to take it to him. But we’ve only been going south and west the last two years.  Have probably two more trips east planned this year so might get to coordinate a pick up too.  Combine it with a walleye charter out of Sandusky.


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