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Double clutching a leaver rifle??

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Sometimes, the issue is with a slightly bulged case. I have experienced it myself, and I have no one to blame other than the guy who did the reloading. (ME).


 :)  Hey Paul   ;)

If you are experiencing this requirement to "Double Clutch" regularly, it is NOT normal.  Something is amiss (you've figured that out).  Except you have eliminated the biggest bugaboo (Loading Semi-Wadcutters).  My next focus would be on the bullet itself.  Not all RNFP are created equal.  If the actual flat point is too wide, the nose of the bullet can and will hang up on the chamber breach.  Another big biggie is to really take a close look at your crimp.  If you have any case lip showing at all, it may well be your problem.  There should be NO case lip showing beyond the crimp groove.

Then we have the possible problem with the Bolt Face/Firing Pin/Extractor/Ejector relationship.  Good Luck

Play Safe Out There


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