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Double clutching a leaver rifle??

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I’m not sure of the exact term to use when you cycle a rnd in a leaver rifle and sometimes it won’t chamber until you very slightly push the leaver forward again
and close it to get a rnd chambered. Any way I’m fairly new to leaver guns I’ve only had them a few yrs but I noticed on occasion I have to work the lever like I described with my 1894 Marlin, and Henry Bigboy, but I never have to do that with my 92 Winchester Miruku. Is that fairly normal to have to do that on occasion? Or is it something I should have checked out? The 1894 Marin is of new manufacture and is a 44 mag. The Henry Bigboy is in .357 mag, and the Miruku  Winchester is in .45 Colt. I handload for them, but I’ve been hand loading since 1976 so I have plenty experience and know how to load. And I shoot lead RNFP boolits. Any advice on this will be greatly appreciated

Dave T:
I think most people have experienced that at one time or another.

From you experience one might conclude John Moses Browning might have known a thing or two about firearms design.  (smiley face goes here)


"Double-clutching" like that is very often due to OAL and/or bullet shape not being exactly what the gun likes.  Too short more often than too long.  So, loading 44 Spcl for a 44 mag or .38's in a .357 often do it, but since you are loading the full length brass, I'm not sure.

the henry bbs mechanism operate a lot like the marlins

are you loading full length cartridges?

by the way; my miroku 92 runs 44 spls and magnums without a hitch

Baltimore Ed:
You shouldn’t have to do that. Have you switched to a different bullet or loaded something else and dickered with your die settings. You might be right on the edge. Tinker with the oal.



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