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Colt unfired, should I???

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Rye Miles:
 I have 4 Colts, I use 3 in cowboy shoots, one is a back up. I also have an unfired Colt that was made in 1980. I was thinking of slicking it up and shooting it, how much will that decrease the value. If I sell it now unfired I'll make some $$$$

Whadya think???

Thanks, Rye

Major 2:

Some 3rd Gen SAA Colts have seen prices in the mid $1500- 2000's in Like new conditions.
If the Colt has the original box & papers it will bring more $ unfired , and un-turned is key
It will depend on the caliber & barrel length as to any premium....
However, 3 rd. Gen. Colts of that era 80's garnered some reputation due to union strikes & Craftmanship that may hinder.

Though the Covid/social unrest of 2020-21 has effected prices upward on almost any type of gun .
More so on CCW & home protection...
Some to almost silly selling prices, some of that has leveled off of late.
It might just be the time to realize your best return....


 :)  Hi Rye   ;)

PLUS ONE for What HE Said.

Play Safe Out There

Rye Miles:
So maybe I should just shoot it then and enjoy it. It's a perfect match to my other 5 1/2".

BTW it's a .357 so I know .45's command a better price as well as .44-40. .357 is the least desirable.

It''ll be going to my sons anyway when I leave this planet so there's that...............  ::)

Major 2:
Yep !    I shoot mine.... I've said before I'm not a curator
and frankly, I'm not in favor of my heirs being lowballed  hoodwinked so some opportunist can score a profit off of them.

If that makes me something other than a consumer , so be it   

Enjoy your Colt  :)



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