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Holy Moly ! the Gun that killed Billy the Kid

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Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
Is this one of those bar room souvenirs? How many others are out there?

The gun is "OK", but the value is in the PROVENANCE!

P.S. I should say "a gun is a gun" but the value is...

Silver Creek Slim:
Come on, folks. Pat Garrett did not kill Billy The Kid.   ::)


The original bad bob:
I heard an old story about that gun..The story went that Billy Wilson bought that gun in silver city and was a member of BTK’s rustling operation... When Pat Garrett surrounded the rock cabin at stinking springs BTK, Charlie Bowdrie (Kia by Garrett)Billy Wilson, Tom Pickett and Dave Rudabah surrendered ... BTK was the last member to come out of the cabin because he was urinating on the gangs guns which were left inside cabin on floor... Might explain some of the corrosion  ;D..Maybe true.. maybe not  :D


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