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Schofield in the herd


Well, finally got the 5" Schofield in hand. Looks brand new, and wouldn't you know it, my regular range is closed while they put new gravel down! So I guess I will take it Saturday to the match and shoot it cold! I will make sure to have my 1860 Army RM Conversion along in case it goes belly up on me.

Major 2:

Perseverance pays off! 

I think my "clean shoot" percentage actually goes up when I shoot a brand new gun.  And most of my new-to-me guns over the past few years have had their first rounds go down range during a match.  Occasionally I'll ask permission to pop off a few before the match to see where it is hitting.  More often I try to be the first to shoot so the targets have fresh paint.   :)


 :) Deacon  ;)

Yum Yum  :D

Stay Safe Out There

Well, did something I have never done before, took a gun to a match that I hadn't shot before. Actually, two guns! My range was shut down for a few days due to getting new gravel down. So the Schofield and a new 73 Uberti got cleaned and lubed and away we went. The Schofield was dead on and ran perfectly, actually all ran without a problem, the 73 was hitting just a bit high. That caused me my only 2 misses all day. Also, from a suggestion I went with a Buscadero rig for the 7" Schofield and it worked great for that long nosed beast.



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