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Remington Keene


First time poster here hoping someone can give me some guidance on a rifle that's out of my wheelhouse. I normally collect ww1/2 rifles but growing up in the west with cowboys for relatives and a love of Louis l'amour I always try to know a thing or two about the guns of the west. A friend gave me a Remington Keene frontier rifle and I have no idea what to do with it. Pictures wont upload for some reason, but it's basically a barreled receiver in the stock with the mag tube and trigger. It's missing everything else and the metal has been parkerized and wood refinished. What's it worth? How easily put back together is it? Can anyone tell me more about this rifle devoid of markings?

My usual places to find parts for unusual guns are not listing anything for the Remington-Keene. If it is in .45-70 ammo and components will be much easier and cheaper than the other 2 rounds it was made in , .43 Spanish and .40-60. If you can get some pics to upload it will help us to help you.

Have you checked with S&S? Sometimes they have parts that aren't listed in their catalog.

Also you might post this in the Barracks.

+1 pictures would help


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