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Should I cut the Schofield?

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Okay, I have a Schofield with the 7" barrel. Very good shooter, but I am annoyed at the headache of holstering the beast. I have been watching for a trade for a 5", but they are rare right now. So, I am considering having the barrel cut to 5".
What do you guys think?

Price it out with your local smith.  Many yrs ago I had several S&Ws cut to 5" and it cost me about $75-$100 to cut, crown and install a new sight.   I'm sure the prices are much higher now.  Alternatively you could just buy a replacement barrel for about $400 from someone like VTI  and then try to sell your 7" barrel in the classifieds.  Maybe you can find someone in the classifieds that would like to swap barrels.  I've got a 5" Schofield but I don't want to swap.  The 5" suits me just fine.


Hmm, had considered buying another barrel, but didn't think about then selling the 7", thanks for the idea!

Cap'n Redneck:
Have You tried the "Twist-draw" / "Cavalry-draw"...?
I think You will find that human joints, long-barreled pistols and the "butt-forward"-carry go together.
I've personally used it exclusively for years with twin 8" 1860's, 7,5" 1872 Open-Top's etc. shooting Double Duelist and/or Gunfighter.
The other alternative is to go "B-Western" with a low-slung Buscadero-rig.

I mean: James Butler Hickok can't be wrong...!!?  8)

Major 2:
I believe , were it me , I'd get a 5" and keep the OEM 7" (having the option of swapping )

Course , I also use a cross draw and at least with my 6.5 NM #3,  I find it natural to draw...
 then again I'm quite used to my 7.5 barreled gun in similar fashion .

 No help , I suppose  just IMHO



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