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Coal Creek Griff:
(Sounds like something from a dating website  ::) )

I recently bought a copy of The Road to Virginia City, which is the diary of James Miller, who traveled the west in the 1860s (the first entry is August 10, 1864 and the last entry is June 21, 1967).  I haven't read the book yet, but included is the attached photo.  I scanned the full photo with the caption, but due to the limitations of the website, I had to reduce the already somewhat reduced quality.  I've included a couple of details showing the people in the photo.  As you can see, the caption says that this is from about 1866, but my first thought that this must be later than that based on the guns and holsters.  I'm far from being an expert, but many true experts check in here.  What are your thoughts? 

Note that this is just a topic for idle discussion--there's no real importance in coming up with a solid answer; I just find it interesting.


I would think more likely the 1870s or possibly early 80s. 

The gun with the gent on the left suggests a large-frame, square butt Merwin Hulbert (ca. 1876 or later) or possibly a Smith & Wesson Number 3 (2nd Russian, 3rd Russian, or New Model ca. 1873 or later).  The pixilation makes it hard to tell, but that's the impression it gives me.

I cannot make out enough of the gun on the other guy to even guess, and not being a holster historian, although it strikes me as post-Civil War, I really don't have a clue.

Good luck on your quest!



Personally, I always preferred to date Real Live Girls, as opposed to Photo's.  Just me.

Stay Safe Out There

Coal Creek Griff:
I knew that we could count on Coffinmaker to offer his wisdom and sage advice.  ;D

I appreciate your observations, DJ.  My copy of the book was printed in the 1960s and used halftone (I had to look that up) to reproduce the photos, so if you try to zoom in, you just see bigger dots.  That's unfortunate.

I think that I may be seeing cartridge loops on the belt of the fellow on the right...


dusty texian:
Good topic .  No expert , my guess is early 1890S  Just something about the fellow on the right and the saddles tells me so . ,,DT



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