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Oregon Bill:
Scammers are stealing money from WTB ad posters on a number of outdoor or hunting-related forums right now.
Here's how it works:
You post a WTB ad for, say, bullets. You get a PM or "conversation" from someone saying something like, "Hey, I know a guy who has some of those to sell. Drop him an email at or text him at 1-541 xxx-xxxx." You send a text or e-mail and yes, Ed Schimmelpetscher says he has what you are looking for. You Paypal him and he walks with your money. No bullets, no replies to your inquiries. Nothing. You have been had.
This just happened to me with a WTB Speer .458 300-grain JHP bullets in the hunting classifieds on my Oregon hunting/fishing forum.
A guy PMed me that a friend had some and I sent an email. We agreed on price, I Paypaled him $90, and he walked off with it, laughing at me. When I went back to ask the forum member what he knew about this crook, I realized that he had joined the forum just two days prior and had 0 posts. SIRENS SHOULD HAVE GONE OFF.
Since being cheated, I have had another shady offer to text a friend by another guy who joined the forum two days before.
Friends, just watch your topknots and ignore or report any of this stuff, especially involving brand-new posters you never heard of.

Thanks for the reminder.   All I can say about those types is that Karma is a bitch.

Marshall Matt Dillon:
When i use paypal, i always use a credit card. Call credit card company and tell them you did not receive item. They will give your money back. Do not go thru paypal to get it back. Paypal will send you an email after your credit card company takes the money back.


John Barleycorn:
Here’s another tip. Don’t use PayPal for buying or selling items that they prohibit. You will jeopardize your account. They can freeze it for 90 days and you’ll spend hours trying to get through to a person at PayPal

Grrrrrr, I hate those sumbitches >:(   Sorry you got taken, its a scary world out there.

Maybe one way to at least reduce the chance of being scammed, is to ask for a close up photo of the item from a particular angle. A photo that they can't just pull off the internet. This would at least show that they actually have the item.  Also, ask specific questions that only someone who really knows the item or has the item in front of them could answer.  Usually when I buy or sell an item, I have an email conversation and can tell pretty quickly if the person knows what he's talking about. Beware of the people who say they are selling it for a friend and know nothing about it themselves. 

We like to think we can trust our fellow members here. I think that it true about 99% of the time.  But in any group, there is always a bad apple  :'(   


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