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I just sent my request to Colt for an archive letter for my 1957 Frontier Scout. Looking forward to it.

A friend had one like yours.  He purchased it the first or second year they were out, then worked hard to wear it out.  When I first saw it, the checkering was worn off the grips, and the muzzle was worn slightly out of round from holster wear.  It still shot better than any factory Single-Six I've ever seen.  One of these days I'll find one for myself!

The "Eagle" grips were put on by myself. I still have the original wooden grips, though. I just like the feel of the eagles.  I know the gun was built in 1957 from the serial number, but I wanted to know the rest of the history.   :)


I finally got the letter from Colt.
As I knew, it was made in 1957, and shipped to Art's Gun Shop in Columbia, South Carolina on December 19, 1957, one of three shipped.
I do remember buying it off Gunbroker from a place in South Carolina.


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