Rifle Recommendation in 45LC


I'm trying to get into the sport as I have a pistol and shotgun.  I'm looking for recommendations on a 45LC rifle that I can use for my dad and I to go to a few shoots a year.  I need a rifle that I can also use with hunting loads to get a little more use out of.  I'm not particularly worried about speed at this time.  My next rifle can get me into that.  I'm looking at being under the $1200 mark.  Thanks in advance for any input.

A '66 or '73 will be close to that price, less used, and are the most popular rifles for a reason.  Can be made very smooth with minimal work.  They work fine with any SAAMI spec ammo.  But if you want hotter ammo for hunting, a '92 or Marlin '94 will handle that, plus lighter weight, plus less expensive.  Good luck.

Jeremiah Jones:

BLUF: I highly recommend the Rossi 1892 in .45LC.

I have had a Rossi 1892 in .45 LC since 2007.  I have been very happy with it and taken many white tail deer with it.  I did replace the plastic follower with a metal one and replaced the safety with a blanking plug.  Both from Steve's.  The wood was not pleasing to me, but several layers of Danish wood oil solved that problem.

Actually, mine is .45 LC/.454 Casull.  But, I have only fired .454 a few times.  Still working down the box of hells I bought in 2007.



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