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Fried cabbage

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River City John:
The secret to really good Danish Red Cabbage is a generous dollop of Currant Jelly. Red Cabbage is one of our Thanksgiving staples. (My daughter now adds julienned apple strips to the family recipe.)


Major 2:
I like  Red Cabbage I buy Aunt Nellie' brand

Del have you made Bacon Collards ?

Okay, am a chemist, so I did know about the cabbage/litmus paper.   I recall doing that with boy scouts when I was in college and we did a Saturday event to qualify them for merit badges. 

Cabbage has been cooked in my family a plethora of ways.   We fried it with bacon, apples and onion, then added red wine vinegar and sugar.   I do that pretty regular still but have moved to honey as I think it tastes better in the sweet/sour mix.   Also when I decide I will ignore my allergies and eat a potato or two, I do fried potatoes, onions, cabbage and some chopped corned beef, this works well with yucca root, which is a starch that does not trigger my allergies, just needs a splash of vinegar to compensate for the sweeter nature of the yucca.   Oh man my mouth is watering now.   Strong German roots on both sides of family and everyone had loads of cabbage plants in the garden.  It was a big summer/fall dish.   



--- Quote from: Major 2 on October 16, 2019, 08:36:35 AM ---I like  Red Cabbage I buy Aunt Nellie' brand

Del have you made Bacon Collards ?

--- End quote ---

Yep and I have made collard Kim chee.

Major 2:
I had a fellow working for me who was 1/2 Korean ( Father was a US serviceman Mother was South Korean )

Tone made traditional Kimchi from his Mother/Grandmothers version ?.. WAY to HOT for me


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