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Broke down and bought a 7.5 in Vaquero

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I thought super blackhawks and vaqueros were all steel guns for some reason, thanks.

Jack Straw:
Some of us harmless eccentrics actually prefer 7" or longer barrels.   Having said that I will admit that I just got a Schofield with a 3.5" bbl.   My bride took a peek at it and said "that seems just your style"    ??? ::) :-X  What do you suppose she meant by that?

Baltimore Ed:
I certainly do like my 7.5 inch .38-40 New Service, great in a crossdraw, would love a 4.5 for my strong side holster. Wouldn’t say I’m harmless but you could call me eccentric.

‘You’re a topbreak???’

Jack Straw:
Hi Baltimore Ed,

Yep, I'm a Schofield nut.   I like pretty much any topbreak but I find the Schof the nicest shooter.  This new 3.5 incher is a very nice piece. 

Baltimore Ed:
You would love my Webley Greene target. A veerry long pull but it’s smooth as glass without any stacking that I can feel.



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