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Hunting Pic's with your 86.


King Medallion:
Not much happening here, so I thought maybe this might help. I'd like to see you hunting results with your 1886. The only thing I ever killed with my 86 was a crow, and there wasn't anything but a few feathers left to take a picture of, lol. So lets see what you got with your 86.  :)

Buckaroo Lou:
I have hunted deer with my Browning SRC but never saw anything I wanted to pull the trigger on. I haven't had the opportunity to hunt with my new Winchester Miroku yet. I hope to have a chance at some hogs in the not too distant future.

wish i could post an old photo i have from 1989 or so, i took a nice white tail with my browning 1886 in a raging snow storm up in the upper peninsula of michigan. sitting at the base of the tree trying to stay warm and he just appeared at 50-60 yds......a big mistake on his part!
still remember trying to skin him, frozen solid as where my hands.

just love the lever guns!


Buckaroo Lou:
kwilliams1876, If you have a scanner scan it and then save the scanned photo to your computer photos and then you will be able to share it.


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