Anything goin' on in here?


All I can see are ghosts in soot suits...

Navy Six:
I don't know why I keep forgetting to come on here as I check in on The Darksiders Den virtually every day. Have to start making myself a note to do so. Especially since this is now the winter off season for most of us. At this time of year I generally get starved for any new material about these types of topics and I start re, re, re, re-reading all my books/magazines that have anything pertaining to blackpowder shooting. I got so desperate this year I tore down my gun cart(which has given more than 20 years of good service) to make some "improvements" I have been considering. Probably should not have done so as I have exactly zero woodworking skills and appropriate tools. However, after three weeks of slow, patient effort I am nearing completion of the project. Hope the cart holds up for another 20 years. Since there are about 7 more weeks until the new Cowboy season starts around here, I've got to keep myself busy with another project. I'll figure something out.


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