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Hey folks. I've been away from cowboy guns for a couple years and am now looking to get a few more. I would like an 1886 Winchester and wanted to know what the general thoughts about the Cimarron/Taylor's/Chiappa 1886 with the 26 inch barrel is. I had one of the 24 inch barreled Winchester/Miroku rifles and liked it, but I like the more traditional look of the Italian version better. So, I guess, what are your thoughts on both? I have heard the Winchester can have light primer strikes due to the rebounding hammer, but never had that problem with the one I had. And how does the Chiappa shoot with BP? Anyway, thanks in advance.

King Medallion:
The only experience I have with the 86 is a Browning SRC. Upgraded the sights and its an awesome weapon. Can't go wrong with the Brownings.

I had a Browning SRC too. Really regret letting that one go. Might try to find another. Really wanting to know about the Chiappa. I've heard some pretty bad things about them, but that was the first couple of years they were available. Wondering if the poblems are still a problem or if they were fixed.


Scattered Thumbs:
Got a Winchester/Miroku extra light. I like it, wild boars hate it.  ;D

Gabriel Law:
Pedersoli makes a really nice 71/86.  I bought mine after I bought my Browning 86.  Both are 45-70...the Pedersoli is about half the price and a really nicely made rifle.


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