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Marshal Halloway:

Howdy folks!

Our good friend Cuts Crooked has stepped down as a moderator  for the Den. He needs to devote his time to his family right now.

I will keep an eye on the board until we have a volunteer to take over Cuts' excellent work over the years.

Marshal Halloway:

Thank you!

I'll add you as moderator on this board.

Capt Quirk:
I have some free time on my hands, and I'll be happy to help out. Do I need to provide my own rope for lynchings? And who provides the torches for angry mobs?


Marshal Halloway:

Appreciate it!

I'll add you as moderator together wit Major 2.

Capt Quirk:
Ya never answered my question... WHO provides the rope and torches? And what about pay? Health and Dental Insurance? Company horse?


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